Background —

Anthony Patrick Vella was born at Valletta, Malta, in 1961. There he lived surrounded by 19866373_1881919678735821_84474772_nthe highest form of baroque art expression, foremost among these being St. John’s Co-Cathedral of the Knights of Malta where he also attended religious functions. These have left an indelible mark on him, not only visually but also deep in his interiority. This association between the senses and the spiritual elevates art to the sublime.

Starting in 1972 he attended the School of Art at Palazzo De La Salle for several years where, amongst other things, he obtained his first prize in Design, a prize that was sponsored by Farsons, a prestigious firm on the island. He started frequenting the Museum of Fine Arts in 1975 to do restoration work under the expert direction of Fr Marius Zerafa O.P., then Director of Museums.


He soon felt attracted towards design, focusing on form and space. In 1981, he was studying architectural design in the morning and graphic design in the evening. He also worked on creating market image for consumer products that are still marketed up to the present day.

After he finished his studies he went to Italy where he worked within a team of artists in the field of graphic design. Here he met the architect Nuccio LoCastro while working at the Museum of Etno-Anthropology of Nebrodi. His work experience with Nuccio LoCastro consolidated his own ideas about museum design, mainly that museums should serve not only as an educational place or simply as a place housing a collection of priceless objects but also as a place of contemplation where one’s thoughts can run wild. It should be a place where one can learn, relax, meet, socialize and participate. In other words, the museum should be an interactive place where a kinaesthetic experience may be enjoyed.

It was also during his stay in Italy that he met Maria Rita, who after four years became his wife. After marrying, they decided to return to Malta. They have two daughters, Maria Roberta (born 1990) and Simona (born 1994). In 1998 he started working for the firm Raniolo & Bencini Architects and Civil Engineers. He worked on various prestigious projects that were entrusted to them. Later he was Art Director in an advertising and design agency. It was here that he became interested in the pedagogical aspect of museum communication. He furthered his studies in this area in Florence.

Since 1994 he has worked as a freelance designer specializing in museum design but also working on corporate identity image, designing interiors and teaching art and design. He is also a member of the International Council of |Museums. He was commissioned a number of museum projects. His artworks are exhibited around Europe and elsewhere in private and public collections. This work gives him the opportunity to share his ideas with others and in this process, lose and rediscover them in a fresher way.
He believes that it is in this bringing together we can build an ideal environment where the human person, both body and spirit, may live in harmony with itself and the environment.

At present he is the Head of Department for Art and Graphical Communication at the Secretariat for Catholic Education. Aesthetics in art and design remain his forte.


Artist’s Statement —

Each Art and design project is different; sometimes there is a need for a strong impact, at other times a gentler approach must be adopted.  In the latter case, I prefer to sacrifice my opinion rather than enforce it upon the others. Consequently, even the utility materials become environment-friendly. Through this combination emanates the human spirit in all its complexity of body and soul.

I believe a lot in team spirit. Every member of a group possesses gifts or qualities that enrich and contribute to the accomplishment of a task.

If whatever we seek to accomplish is planned and conceived with a kind of detachment and with keeping all involved persons in mind, then it becomes an altruistic experience. This way of working becomes a contribution and collaboration with Creation itself.

Studio —

Surname: Vella

Name: Anthony Patrick

Year of Birth: 19th January 1961

Address: Blk. P, Flat 4, Helen Buhagiar Street, Sta Lucia, SLC1622, Malta

Mobile no: 99420273

Email: anthonypatrickvella@gmail.com

Web site: anthonypatrickvella.com