Artwork for acquisition

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Featured collections

Victoria Gate Bridge

The bridge which leads to the “bella vista”
Deep edge canvas

50 W x 60 H x 3.5 D cm

Valletta Arcades

A romantic walk through the streets of Valletta
Deep edge canvas

60 W x 60 H x 3.5 D cm

First Encounter – Primo Incontro
140 W x 70 H x 3.5 D cm

"Anima - Soul"

100 W x 40 H cm

Impasto on canvas

Watch Tower

Vittoriosa Watch tower before the devastation

Deep edge canvas

30 x 60 cm


bas relief

50 x 23 cm circa

United World

From fragmentation to unity

60 x 90 cm

Deep edge canvas





Tumulted change


pen ink and acrylic on paper


A change in mindset

55 X 100 cm circa

bas relief


Evolution of the cultural tweak
50 x 60 cm circa
Bas relief

Stella Cadente

Wishing on a shooting star

60 x 50 cm circa

bas relief


Synthesis of an agape

50 x 60 cm circa

pen ink and acrylic on paper


A typical Maltese boat in the fortified grand harbour

30 X 30 cm

Deep edge canvas


Pegasus confined in a classic, interrupted pediment

90 x 60 cm circa

Each panel bas relief


The peaceful event, a crossroad of mankind.

30 X 30 cm

Deep edge canvas


The medieval gargoyle is one of the protruding architectural elements in a simple rural building.  Its geometrical figure incorporates the design and functional elements.

40 x 50 cm

Deep edge canvas


The peculiar aspects of the Mediterranean Sea

90 x 55 cm circa

bas relief

Medieval Window

Geometrical detail of a twin window in Vittoriosa, Malta

45 x 67 cm

pen ink and acrylic on paper

Mdina Old Cathedral

St. Paul and Peter’s Cathedral before the earthquake of 1693

45 x 67 cm

pen ink and acrylic on paper


The blossom of nature which evolves through spring.

120 x 60 cm

Deep edge canvas

There is no thorn without a rose

40 x 50 cm

Deep edge canvas


The Gallego medieval Castle watches night and day over the Tyrrhenian sea.

80 x 65 cm circa

bas relief


The virtue of genuineness

13 x 34 cm

bas relief


All relationships are a weave of spirit and human aspects.

22 x 122.5 cm

bas relief