Published in The Malta Independent, 13 January 2019

The Academy of fine Arts Leonardo da Vinci of Ficarra, Messina hosted an event entitled Meeting with the Artists at the Academy premises in Ficarra, Messina.

Two artists were nominated – Anthony Patrick Vella and Tommasina Bianca Squadrito from Palermo. Vella, a Maltese artist from Valletta was awarded and honoured for his career as an artist and for building cultural bridges between Malta and Sicily.

The performer artist was awarded and honoured for her fruitful research on material and semiotics. A debate was also scheduled to happen between students, whom were about to achieve their Degree certificate. Vella during his dialogue illustrated his different artistic work which includes paintings, sculptures, design and architectural work.

As an additional tribute, both artists donated an artwork which will embellish the Pinacoteca d’Arte Contemporanea dell’Accademia. Vella created a composition inspired by an icon of Christ by School of Antonello da Messina and an aerial view of the city, combining them with a geometrical composition reevoking renaissance study of space and volume. President Professor Gaetano R. Mannelli, Assessor Professor Mauro Cappotti and Art Critic Nuccio Lo Castro also intervened and contributed throughout these sessions.

Vella was born in Valletta. He experimented in, developed and executed various artistic practices. During his stay in Italy he worked as an Art director in a design studio, where he directed promotions for one of the best Italian Amaro sellers in Europe. He was involved in different architectural projects. He studied Museum design in Florence and was commissioned a number of museum projects. His artworks are exhibited around Europe and elsewhere. One of his outstanding works is the Adoration Chapel in St Lucia, Malta. At present he is the head of Department for Art and Graphical Communication at the Secretariat for Catholic Education. Aesthetics in art and design remain his forte.

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